Vanished Streets Of Bolton

Vanished Streets Of Bolton

While researching my family history, I found that some of the streets people had lived on in Bolton no longer existed. I compiled a list and then used census searches to locate surrounding streets that still exist, along Old Maps Online, to pinpoint their locations. This is by no means a complete list of all Bolton’s lost streets and if you would like me to add any others, let me know. I will be adding to the list as I come across more ancestors’ addresses.

Map of Bolton in 1938 from Old Maps Online

Note that ‘Back’ of any street it listed under the main street name. I may have inadvertently included some streets that still exist today.

  • Apple Street, Bolton
    Daubhill area. Ran between Rothwell Street and Back Hammond Street, about where Ashbury Close is today (thank you to David Dawber for the correction).
  • Aspden Street, Bolton
    Was in the area where Halliwell Road meets Blackburn Road, just above Egyptian Street. Aspden Street was one of several short streets that linked Moss Street and Victoria Street – both of which also no longer exist. Today the area contains modern housing running off Kentford Road.
  • Bull Lane, Bolton
    Daubhill area. Was off Lever Street, ran parallel with Snipe Street and Grecian Crescent, at the side of Robin Hood Mill, it is now the entrance to Bolton Plastic Components goods yard
  • Carey Street, Bolton
    Daubhill area. Was near Fletcher Street and Edgar Street, behind the old railway station goods yard, there’s now an Aldi on the site.
  • Chemist Street, Bolton
    Ran between Kay Street and Waterloo Street, around where B&Q is today.
  • Gilbert Street, Bolton
    Ran off Quebec Street and into Delph Street. Now playing fields bordered by Quebec Street and Edward Street.
  • Grecian Street, Bolton
    Ran off Lever Street, near to Robin Hood Mill. Grecian Street is now part of Grecian Crescent.
  • Hammond Street, Bolton
    Ran between Parrot Street and Derby Street at the end of Bantry Street heading in the direction of Pilkington Street (see photo below). Was replaced by new streets of houses in the 70s and 80s.
  • Isabel Street, Bolton
    Ran between Quebec Street and Gibbon Street, just north of Burnaby Street. Now playing fields bordered by Quebec Street and Edward Street.
  • James Street, Bolton
    Was partially demolished by German bombing duringWW2, the rest of the street was demolished in 1965 to make way for the Bolton Institute of Technology. It ran between Deane Road and Derby Street, directly opposite Fletcher Street. The site is now part of the University of Bolton.
  • John Taylor Street, Bolton
    Demolished in slum clearances in the 1950s. It was located between Coe Street and Foundary Street.
  • Lyon Street, Bolton
    It and all the surrounding streets have been demolished and the area remodelled. It was located above Queens Park, near to Vernon Street.
  • Mason Street, Bolton
    Ran off Mayor Street, parallel with Wellington Street, between Deane Road and Queens Park. Today the area has completely changed and been replaced with new housing and industrial units.
  • Peel Street, Bolton
    Ran in between and parallel to Parrot Street and Bantry Street (see photo below). There are 70s houses there today.
  • Pilkington Street, Bolton
    Whilst Pilkington Street still exists today, it used to be longer, running on past St Peter & St Paul Catholic School and up to Derby Street. When Fletcher Street was widened and redeveloped in the 1980s, the top end of Pilkington Street was lost (see photo below)
  • Raby Street, Bolton
    Ran between Rix Street and Walley Street, roughly where Pinewood Close is today.
  • Taylor Brow, Bolton
    Was located off Deansgate, near to the present Market Hall, around the Crown Street and Bridge Streets areas. The area was a collection of narrow passages and was demolished in slum clearances long ago. There is a description of living conditions in Taylor Brow in 1847.
  • Walter Street, Bolton
    Ran between Quebec Street and Gibbon Street. Now playing fields bordered by Quebec Street and Edward Street.
  • York Street, Bolton
    Ran between Nile Street and Coe Street on the south side of Bridgeman Street in the Daubhill area of Bolton. The street was demolished and replaced by industrial units.

You can find some interesting old photos of Bolton at Bolton Worktown, which has Mass Observation pictures, recording everyday life in the late 1930s. St Mark’s Church and School which has photos and information of the old streets and buildings around the Fletcher Street area. Lost Pubs Of Bolton has a large amount of information and photos of Bolton’s pubs, which includes pictures of the streets the pubs were on. There are also a couple of Facebook groups that share old and new photos of Bolton – In and Around Bolton and I Belong To Bolton.

Pilkington Street, Bolton in 1937, showing how the houses continued on past the school. Taken by Humphrey Spender for Mass Observation, copyright Bolton Council.
Peel Street and Hammon Street Bolton
Looking down Bantry Street and Peel Street, Bolton towards Hammond Street. Copyright Bolton Council.

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  1. Sydney St, Ran between Bridgeman st and Thyne St, I lived at number 19 then 46 and last was 110 . Number 46 was the old Lord Hill Pub, we ran a Guest house, and 110 was the General Havalock pub. Then I left and moved To Sydney, Australia.

    1. I recently found out my great uncle lived at number 9 Sidney Street ..surname Clark

  2. Thank you. That’s really useful. I have a relation born in Grecian Street and didn’t know where it was.

    1. I’m always fascinated by where people lived (almost as much as by who they were). My 2xgreat grandmother lived on Grecian Street in 1891.

    1. On the 1911 census, Madeline Street is listed as ‘off Hyde Street’, though I haven’t been able to find either on any old maps. The only Hyde Street I can find on a modern map is a small alley that runs between St Helens Road and Back St Helens Road (if that’s the same Hyde Street then it must have crossed St Helens Road in the past because it’s too short for any other street to have run off it). Sorry I can’t be of more help. If I do find a map that covers that area I’ll check again.

    2. Madeline street was off FYLDE street, presumably the Moses Gate one , can’t find a FYLDE street in the greater Bolton area.

    3. I lived at 5 Madeline st Great Lever, Bolton. It was demolished as part of slum clearance about 1965. Madeline street was off Fylde street at Moses Gate. It was next to Gladys Street which still exists. The top of the street met Corson street which still exists but was curtailed with the new bypass which cut across the top part of Madeline street. The Fylde street disaster was in 1957 but Madeline street was saved but the houses on Fylde street were lost.

    4. I lived at 5 Madeline street, Great Lever. It is off Fylde Street near Moses Gate. It was demolished in about 1965 as part of slum. clearance. It was parallel to Gladys Street, a part of which is still there. At the top it joined Corson street which still exists but was cut short by the new bypass. Continue a line from Corson street to Gladys Street and Madeline street came off parallel to Gladys Street down to Fylde Street. There are pictures on the net of the 1957 Fylde Street disaster but none I think contain Madeline street.

    5. Hi, I know it’s a long time since your message and don’t know if you found Madeline street? Well it no longer exists because it was bulldozed to make way for St Peters way. I was born in 1961 in the next street along. Annie street which has also gone. I found both of them on a 1908 OS map of Moses gate. If you look for Corson street and Fylde street Madeline and Annie street were between both but in a vertical way. I hope this helps you 🤗

  3. Hello – I have relatives who kept a shop at 2-4 Joseph Lee Street, which seems to have been near Vicarage Street, perhaps again in what is now the playing fields between Edward Street and Quebec Street. They were there from about 1880 to the late 1890s. Does anyone know more exactly where it was, when it was demolished and whether there are any photos?

    1. Hello
      I hope this will help
      Edward st was at back end of Emmanuel church
      Joseph Lee street was parallel to Edward street
      then parallel to Joseph lee street was Osbourne street vicarage street was where Bcom is

      1. The shop in question was run by a Mr tyrer it was a small convenience store on the corner of Joseph Lee St and Jackson St demolished around 1974

    2. There was parliament street
      Delph st
      Gilbert street
      Walter street
      Isabel street
      Burnaby street
      Gibbon street
      Milner street
      Oak street
      Nuttall street
      Ramwell street
      Rankine street
      Birkdale street
      Robert Stanley street
      Thomas Rostron street
      Bamber street
      Holt street

      Plenty more

        1. i lived at 36 Oak street Farnworth in 1964.It was just at the back of Farnworth Grammar School.
          That’s been knocked down now.
          if you go down Bentley street then turn 1st left on to Spring street go all the way down and around the back as far as you can look to your left at the end of Spring Street.
          That’s were Oak street was approximately.
          You we also see a little railway bridge to your right, we went over the bridge to get to All Saints Primary School.
          Google map Spring street Farnworth you can look that way.
          Cheers Darren

      1. Of that above list, the following still exist (minus their old houses): Delph Street, Burnaby Street, Gibbon Street and Holt Street. The houses at the upper end of Gibbon Street are still there. The old Co-op building at the corner of Gibbon Street and Burnaby Street survives as well.

  4. Has anyone a photo of where my grandparents “Rowlinsons” lived? my Gran was born & lived at 10 Grecian Street, by age of four, she moved in with her aunte (Sarah Jane Mayoh-Jackson / mother sister) and family at 4 Back Cannon Street, married in Warrington then became a Houghton, her fathers name Henry Rowlinson, mother Mary (Mayoh), Any one a photo of either or both streets? of has a connecting name.

    1. Madeline street was off 13 FYLDE street,
      Devonshire street was off LUTHER street. off Waterloo street

    2. Devonshire street was roughly between the current Howard street and Calvin Street parallel to Waterloo street at the bottom of the junction of Halliwell Road and Blackburn Road.

  5. Hi I’m trying to find Taylor’s Yard in Bolton were my grandmother lived in 1917. I am thinking it’s near Lever St in Great Lever. Any help appreciated The Thanks.

  6. I’m trying to find it there is still a Chemist street in the parish of little Bolton. My 2x Gt parents and 1 x grand father lived there on the 1851 census. William and Mary Hulme their son Thomas Hulme.

  7. Can anybody email me any photographs of Lyon Street Bolton. Lyon Street was demolished in the early 60s
    Thank you Roland

    1. Hi Roland, l was wondering if you were any relation to a Albert and Doris Heald, who had a son Ronald and daughter Joyce, who were from Bolton ?

      1. No sorry, I don’t have any Healds in my tree (or none that I’ve come across yet). You could try the Lancashire Genealogy group on Facebook.

  8. Does anyone have any information of when the houses in Providence Street were built.? they were there in 1865 and demolished around the 1960s . I was born here in 1960 and they were slums then!!!

  9. PS Sorry, Providence street ran parallel to Thynne street and Moncreiffe street
    in Bolton where the GUS building now stands.

  10. I use to live in yarrow place 60 years ago l remember we were opposite a park which we use to play and the terrace house was not far from a place we took our animals in vernon street. Was wondering if anyone would remember the area.
    I moved to North Wales when I was 7 years old

    1. Hi Richard, just come across your e.mail regarding Yarrow Place sure you know the name of the park Mere Hall
      spent many hours in there growing up . Looking at the picture I much prefer it as it was hope it brings back some memories ./Users/colinchambers/Desktop/IMG_4153 2.jpeg

      1. I played there in the 50s I lived just up the rd lode St facing the mill lodges which we called the rovel , you should know tynndall street remember it we’ll

      2. Hi Colin, can you share your picture of yarrow place? I couldn’t view it. My grandparents lived there in late 60s and 70s before the houses were demolished and my earliest memories are of the house and playing in the park opposite. Many thanks

    2. Hi Richard, I was a student at Bolton in 1971 and I lived in a flat at 23 Yarrow Place, just opposite the park. I would appreciate a copy of any photos if you have them. Thanks very much.

  11. My husband’s great grandfather left the army in 1879 to live in Little John Street Bolton – can any tell me where it was please. Many thanks.

      1. Many thanks Sharon – do you know if John Street was originally Little John Street?

  12. My great, great , great grandad , John Rothwell, lived in Near Farmers Arms, Darcy Lever in 1837 and later moved to Bromilow’s Row, Darcy Lever. Can anyone help. Thanks

  13. How wonderful to find this site! I have been researching family history, trying to find a map showing Reservoir Street. In the fall of 1948, my mother, sister and I sailed on the Ascania to Liverpool to visit my grandmother in Bolton. The ship’s manifest gave the place of residence as #4 Reservoir St. I understand the area was later designated as “slum” and the houses demolished. I would be interested in learning more about the location.
    I would be most appreciative for any information that might be provided.
    Mollie Shultz

  14. I was raised on powell street and attended gaskell primary, can anyone help me with information on powell street it was a cul de sac type.

    1. Powell Street was off School Hill, at the southern end of Concertina Row. It ran to the back street behind Mossfield Mill. Sylvester Street was off it on the right.

  15. What a fantastic site. So helpful for Genealogists. I have family listed on a baptism record for Philip Stephs as residents of Gilbert Street Bolton-Le-Moors in 1792. A big ask I know, would there be any maps showing where this is pls. As I live in Brisbane Australia it is so hard to get help on this topic.
    Thanking you in Advance
    Ann Johnson

  16. Delighted to find ‘Bull Lane’ behind Grecian St. It was home to my great great grandparents in 1881: Thomas Eccles (b. Barton-upon-Irwell), an iron-moulder, and Maria (nee Flanaghan from Dublin). My great grandmother was Sarah-Ann Eccles and she married Isaac Woods, a former Indian Army regular who later worked at Walmesley’s forge.

  17. Hi everyone.
    Harry Cleworth lived at 96 Weston street Bolton. St Bartholomew’s school Nelson street. Worked at Entwistle & Gas Iron foundry. Bolton Tech College, Then 20 glorious years in the Royal Air Force. What a great life Hazel (Emery) and I have had. Both doing well in Lincolnshire flat lands. I did work for the Automobile Association for 10 years after leaving the R.A.F. thats two more pensions earned. Plus a privately paid for pension. That makes us quite rich to what may have been if we had stayed in that Shite Hole Bolton. Still doing well health reasonable and just bought a new BMW x3. not bad for 88 years of age. You think I am bragging. Damn well right I am, we are living in cleaner air than Bolton in a very large detached bungalow. Its been a great life for us two. We wish everyone well. H&H. xxxx

  18. We lived on Arrowsmith Terrace opposite the “pop works “ ( Moss field Mill) , demolished c 1969/70 off Vernon Street with Skagen Court at the bottom of the road

  19. We lived in Halliwell Street about 1936 I beleive only part of it still exists everytime I look for details only Halliwell Road comes up if anyone knows what happened to it I would appreciate it.

  20. I think the Daubhill area started near Adelaide st def not down derby st near pilkington st. Also Bull lane which ran off lever st is Great lever not daubhilll as i went to st marks school and was brought up in tildsley st.I had friends around Bull lane whittaker st,
    ninehouse lane and george st.

  21. I was looking for family that lived at 44 Parrot Street in Bolton. But could not locate Parrot Street.

  22. Nython Road Little Lever is described on my grandfathers documents related to the first world war, cannot find on Google so I suppose its another of those Vanished roads?

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