At Old Roots you will find genealogy help and advice, along with some of my own family history from Lancashire, North Wales & Ireland.

  • McAndrew (Sligo)
  • Martin (Ireland)
  • Dunn (possibly Louth)
  • Higginson (Lancashire)
  • Settle (Lancashire)
  • Williams (Angelesey)
  • Marshall (Essex)
  • Jarrett (Garrard) (North Wales)

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About Me

I’m Sharon. I’m from Lancashire in the North West of England, currently living in Cumbria.

I’ve been interested in my family history since I was a teenager and have been actively researching for over 25 years.

Before I started my own research, and from what I’d been told by family members, my maternal family came from Ireland and my paternal family from Wales. Of course it turned out to be more complicated than that, and our ancestors were far more English than anyone thought.

My family names are McAndrew (from Bolton, originally from Sligo), Higginson (from East & North Lancashire), Williams (from Holyhead), Marshall (supposedly from Essex, but this is a big brick wall), Martin (from Down and Antrim) and Dunn (possibly from Louth – another brick wall).

There are many more names from many more places. And, thanks to DNA, a family mystery was solved and a whole new branch of the family opened up.

My grandmother and her friends enjoying Whit Sunday in 1938. I wonder what happened to them all when war broke out the following year?

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