This is a place where I keep bits of information that I’ve found whilst researching my family, along with some basic family stories and some social history. I hope people might find something useful here. If you think we might be related, then drop me a line and we can compare notes.

My family comes from England, Wales and Ireland. Mainly Lancashire, Essex, Huntingdonshire & Cambridgeshire, Anglesey, Sligo, Antrim, Down and Louth, along with a few other places.

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The names in my tree going back 3 or 4 generations are Williams (Angelsey), McAndrew (Sligo), Martin (Antrim), Marshall (Essex), Higginson (Lancashire), Dunn (Louth), Lewis (Anglesey), Jarrett (also spelt, Garrard, Jarrerd & Garrerd) (Anglesey), Settle (Lancashire) & Watts (Huntingdonshire & Cambridgeshire).

I have a few brickwalls, the most frustrating of which is my 2 x great grandfather, John Marshall who appears to have not existed before his marriage in 1883.

Welcome to my genealogy journey, I hope you find something of interest here.