Llanberis Castle Hotel

Llanberis Castle Hotel

Built in the mid 19th century, the Castle Hotel is located on High Street in Llanberis. It closed in the 1980s and fell into disrepair before being completely renovated and converted into a shop and flats.

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When the hotel was sold 1861, it appears there were no buildings across from it because it boasted views of Llyn Padarn and Dinorwic Quarry. The hotel, gardens, coach house and stables were sold again in 1883, and was purchased by the Cambrian Building Society of Cwmyglo for £820. They sold the building in 1889 for £720 following a fall a property values, this time it was purchased by the Blake & Co. Brewery from Bangor. During this time the hotel was run by Edward Armsden from Bedfordshire, who became the licensee in 1865 and held the tenancy until he died in 1904. The 1911 census shows that his wife, Catherine, was now the hotel proprietress and was living at the hotel with two servants.

After WW2 the hotel was purchased by the Ind Coope Brewery. In the 1970s it was used as a forward-base camp by the RAF for training mountain rescue personnel.

The hotel closed in the 1980s and the building fell into disrepair. The internal damage led to the main staircase having to be removed. In 1992 the old hotel was sold to developers who fully renovated the building, converting the ground floor into a shop and the upper floors into flats. Today the ground floor is a Spar shop, Post Office, Subway and Costa Coffee.

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