Henry Buff (abt 1630 – 1694)

Henry Buff (abt 1630 – 1694)

Relationship: 9 x great grandfather

Died: Jan/Feb 1694 – buried 5 February 1694 at St John the Baptist, Cockayne Hatley, Bedfordshire

Children: Robert (1654-1654); Daniel (1655)

I can’t find a definite birth or marriage for Henry, but there is an interesting theory on some Ancestry trees that I haven’t been able to prove is true. According to these trees, Henry Buff was in fact Henrich Buff, born in Rheinhessen, Hesse, Germany who moved to and settled in England. There are births for Heinrich Buff in Hesse, but there’s no proof that any were Henry. My research shows that the surname Buff originates in both Germany and England.

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