My name is Sharon. I was born in and grew up on the Fylde coast in North West England. I’ve been interested in researching my family history for at least 30 years, but my family only moved to the Fylde in the 1950s (or so I had thought) and research beyond family knowledge meant travelling around the county and country, now the internet has made research so much easier.

This blog will hopefully be of help to you if you are just starting out tracing your family tree or if you’ve hit a brick wall and need some inspiration on where to search next. The vast majority of my research into my family has been done online and I’ve gathered a list of helpful resources along the way, so please take a look at the resources section.

There’s also a section on my family research, to share it with other family members. Most of this is available for anyone to view, some of the pages have restricted access because their content contains information about people who are still living. If you think it could be of interest to you or if you have a connection to the family then please get in touch.

Family names covered by this blog are:

  • McAndrew  (originating in Sligo and Mayo in Ireland, moved to Bolton in Lancashire in the 1850s).
  • Higginson (Bolton and Chorley areas – married into the McAndrew family).
  • Settle (Lancashire – married into the McAndrew family).
  • Leggatt (Leggett) & Schofield (Lancashire – married into the Settle family).
  • Orrell, Entwistle (Lancashire – married into the Higginson family).
  • Watts (Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire – married into the Higginson family).
  • Buff (Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire – married into the Watts family).
  • Williams (Holyhead in North Wales).
  • Marshall (not sure where from originally, possibly Essex, but settled in Caernarfon in the 1880s).
  • Garrard (Gerrard, Jarrard, Jarrett) (Originally from Denibighshire and Conwy, moved to Amlwch on Anglesey – married into the Marshall family).
  • Hughes & Evans (Amlwch, Anglesey – married into the Garrard family).
  • Martin (Originally from Ireland, moved to Bolton in the late 19th century).
  • Dunn (possibly from Waterford in Ireland, moved to Bolton and married into the Martin family in the early 20th century).

Areas covered by the blog are:


  • Bolton in Lancashire.
  • East Lancashire in general but particularly the area around Chorley.
  • Fylde & Wyre in Lancashire (mainly Fleetwood, Lytham, Wesham & Kirkham and Warton).
  • Huntingdonshire, Cambridgeshire (mainly around Hatley St George and Little Gransden).


  • Amlwch on Anglesey in North Wales.
  • Holyhead on Anglesey.
  • Other areas of North Wales (today they are mainly in Conwy County).


  • Sligo in Ireland (particularly the Castleconnor and Ahamlish areas).
  • Antrim and/or Down.
  • Waterford.

If you think for may be connected to any the people on this blog, then please let me know as it would be interesting to share information.