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Britannia Bridge Lions

Britannia Bridge Lions

The Britannia Bridge connects Anglesey to the Welsh mainland. The original bridge, designed by Robert Stephenson, opened on 5 March 1850 to carry trains running to Holyhead Station.
The entrance to the original bridge was adorned by four large limestone lions, two at each end, sculpted by John Thomas. The lions remain in place today, but are sadly hidden by the new bridge and are only visible from the train.

On 23 May 1970, children playing inside the train tunnel dropped a burning torch which ignited the wooden roof of the tunnel. The fire spread along the bridge and severely damaged the metal structure, leading to the bridge requiring rebuilding. The current bridge opened to trains in 1972, with the road carrying the A55 running above the trains tracks opening in 1980.

The postcard was published Woolstone Brothers under the name The Milton Photogravure Series.

L&NWR Irish Boat Train

The Irish Boat Express crossing the Britannia Bridge over the Menai Straits on its way Holyhead. On the picture you can still see the lions, although the Lions are still in place they are no longer visible, having been hidden when the bridge was rebuilt following a fire in 1970.

The postcard was published by Raphael Tuck and Sons.

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