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Lytham Market Square 1908

Lytham, Market Square around 1908

Looking from Clifton Street and Park Street, towards the Market Square.
The shop on the left side of the image was soon to become the Midland Bank (now HSBC). The shop on the right, Stringers, is still there today. In the centre of the image is the Market Square. The building with the tower, is the Market Hall which was built in 1847 with the clock tower added in 1870.

Lytham, Market Square July 2016. Source: Google Street View


Published by Valentine’s. Posted from 8 Albert Street, Lytham to 3 Church Road, Harrington, Workington, Cumbria on 18 August 1908.

Douglas Harbour, Isle Of Man

Douglas Harbour 1968

Looking down on the harbour at Douglas on the Isle Of Man, taken in the summer of 1968 taken from Fort Anne Road by my grandmother. The ship at the harbour wall was operated by the Isle Of Man Steam Packet Company (as is the one on the Street View image below).
The building with the spire to the left of the harbour is the Isle Of Man Sea Terminal, built in 1965. When this photo was taken, the circular structure with the spire was the Crow’s Nest Restaurant, but today it it used by harbour control.
The structure in the sea behind the harbour wall is the Tower Of Refuge, located on St Mary’s Isle.

Douglas Harbour 2010 – Google Street View


St Annes Hotel 1915 & Today

The St Annes Hotel stood on St Annes Road West, across from the railway station. Opened in 1876, it was the first public building in St Annes on Sea, which itself was only founded a year earlier in 1875.
The hotel was demolished in 1985, when refurbishment costs became too high, and was replaced by shops and a pub.
The location of the St Annes Hotel today. As you can see, the hotel has long been demolished and in its place are shops and The Town House pub.
The hotel’s Grade II Listed bar still remains though, now named Burlingtons and located beneath the Town House pub.
Published by Spring Brothers, St Annes. Posted to Tom Boardman, Oldham Road, Rochdale in 1915.

Bunker Street, Freckleton

Early 20th century…2009…Source: Google Maps


Llanberis Then & Now



Castle Hotel, taken in the 1920s, and located on High Street. Today the hotel is a Spar shop and Subway, with flats above.

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