About The Blog

This blog will soon become the new home of Postcards Of The Past, which is due to close soon when the domain expires. I will be scaling back on the postcards, mainly to ones that interest me the most, but there will still be plenty here.

Many of the places pictured on this blog are connected to my family in some way. This is not intended to be a history blog, rather just a place to display old postcards and the occasional photograph. I will give a little history of a place where I know about it, but there are links on the posts to sites providing far more details.

I am not a postcard trader, I do not buy or sell cards through this website. The cards and photos shown here are from my personal collection and are not for sale.  Most of the cards on here were purchased at car boot sales or from eBay, and I find those are the best places to buy cards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy one of your postcards?
No, sorry none of the cards are for sale.

Can I republish one of the postcard images?
Yes, but please credit this website. However, do not link to the images directly, either host them yourself or use an image hosting service like TinyPic.

Can you give me a valuation for my postcard. Will you buy my card?
Sorry, I don’t offer valuations, you’ll need to contact a dealer. Try searching through the list on the Postcard Pages website

Where’s the best place to buy postcards?
eBay is a good place to start, along with car boot sales. There are also dedicated postcard collecting fairs and postcard dealers, a list can be found on the Postcard Pages website or the Postcard Collecting forum.

Can you give me information about a publisher?
Please take a look at the Postcard Publishers section of the site.