1921 Census Release Date Announced

The UK National Archives has announced that the 1921 Census will be released on Find My Past on 6 January 2022.

Access will be pay per view

As suspected, access to the census will not be included in membership subscriptions, they will instead be pay per view. This isn’t a surprise. The 1911 census and the 1939 Register were both released on Find My Past and were both pay per view. For me though, the price of £2.50 for each transcript and £3.50 for each original document view seems expensive. I know that the cost of transcribing the census has to be covered, but £6 for each record if you want the transcription and the original is a lot of money, especially on top of a subscription.

Subscription isn't required

It isn’t necessary to have an active subscription to view the 1921 census, just a membership (which is free). If you have an annual pro subscription then you’ll receive a 10% discount on purchases of the census. At £159.99 for the subscription it’s only worth having if you’re also using it for other research, unless you intend looking up an awful lot of people from 1921.

Brick wall help, hopefully

It has been a long wait for this census though, and it’s going to be the last census release until 2052. So I imagine there are a lot of people, like me, who already have a list of ancestors they want to look up. I have 2 brick walls that the 1921 census may (fingers crossed) help solve so I will definitely be buying the records for those. I’m just hoping I choose the right records first and don’t have to buy too many unneeded ones, although I suspect that for John Williams from Holyhead that may be wishful thinking.

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